Kagero Topshots 11013

The book comes in the Topshots range of this publisher and deals with the basic version of the BMP-2. It comprises 44 pages and 157 full color photos and only one page of text presenting this well known AFV. The texts and captions are in English with a Polish translation.
As a bonus, Kagero has included a nice sheet of decals for 2 Russian vehicles, 1 Polish and 3 Czech ones both in the 1/72 and 1/35 scales. 2 of the Czech vehicles are displayed in the book.

The first 4 pages present general views of BMP-2s in service with Slovak and Czech armies. The following pages concentrate on close-up shots showing that it is really intended for modelers. In fact, the hull is shown in 42 pictures clearly depicting details like the tie-downs, towing hooks, headlights guards, tools attachment and many others.
The running gear is covered with 19 pictures showing the track links, the sprockets, the idlers, the shock absorbers and the springs.
The next part is the turret. The 37 pictures show all the details that are possible to identify. With them, any modeler should be able to add the various wiring for the lights, the smoke dischargers. The sights are periscopes are clearly displayed. The hatches are shown opened, their both faces are visible. The main gun, the co-axial MG and the ATGM launcher benefit from nice close-ups too, the latter having no missile on it.
The last part is dedicated to the interior. The 40 or so pictures show the troop compartment, the turret and lastly the driver compartment.
The back cover page shows 2 color left side profiles. The first is for a Russian vehicle in the light grey, green and brown camouflage seen during the withdrawal from Germany and the second is for a overall green Polish vehicle. Each are represented in the decal sheet.

As a conclusion, I only can recommend this book which obviously has been designed for the demanding modelers. Its moderate price and the extra decal sheet should achieve to convince those still hesitating.