Ariete MBT
ref : Auriga Publishing International #ISBN 88-88711-21-X

Auriga Publishing International publish this 78-page booklet about the brand new Italian MBT. It shows through 245 color and black and white pictures the prototype and the standard models without and with additional armor.
As usual, the texts and captions are both in Italian and English.

The book is divided in 7 chapters :
    the prototype;
    the series 1;
    the series 2;
    the additional armor;
    the interior;
    a gallery of in situation vehicles;
    drawings and  color plates.

After a historical and technical introduction, the prototype is presented through 18 color pictures. The series 1 is presented through 10 color pictures and 1 black and white. The pictures are mainly overall pictures.

The series 2 is far better presented thanks to 145 pictures 22 of which are color pictures. 7 are dedicated to the experimental 3-tone camouflage. The pictures are gathered by area : the gun, the sights, the turret roof with the tank commander MG, the upper hull, the running gear and the accessories.

The chapter about the additional armor comprises 36 photos of which some have nothing to do with the armor. At the end of the chapter, 3 photos of the new armor displayed at Eurosatory 2002 are presented.

The chapter dedicated to the interior is disappointing as it only shows one picture of the driver station and not a single one of the turret. The rest of the pictures is dedicated to the engine and the engine bay.

At last, 19 color photos show the MBT during exercises or during the operation Antica Babilonia in Iraq.

The last chapter shows several 1:35th scale profiles of the MBT evolutions (fume extractor, additional armor...). A top view is also issued as well as many drawings of details (side steps, Galix smoke launchers, gunner sight, TC sight). Then come 7 color profiles of which 1 in the 3-tone camouflage.

As a conclusion, this book will prove very useful to the ones who will build the Trumpeter kits. The only regret concerns the lack of turret interior pictures.
Once again, Auriga have issued a remarkable book which is highly recommended.


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