Centauro B1 Long Version
ref : Auriga Publishing International #ISBN 88-88711-15-5

Auriga Publishing International provide us with this 78 page full color booklet dedicated to the late version, as seen in Iraq, of the Italian armored vehicle Centauro in its Italian and Spanish versions.
The texts and captions are in Italian and English.

The book is divided in two main parts, one for each country, plus two annexes about profiles and color plates.

The Italian version is of course the most covered one. After a short foreword, the reader will find 107 color pictures : 91 for the exterior (42 of the hull, 14 of the gun and its travel lock, 35 of the turret), 12 for the interior (4 of the driver station, 5 of the turret basket, 3 of the rear troop compartment) and 4 for the engine out of its compartment.
The vehicle presented in its barracks is clean and without any crew gear stowed on it thus enabling a perfect visual access to the various parts.
The hatches and doors are pictured both close and open. All the black stencils are subject to close pictures.

The Spanish version is presented with a foreword and 50 pictures. 30 of them are close shots intended to show the differences between both versions. The others represent the vehicle mainly in the field. The Spanish language stencils replacing the Italian ones are nicely represented.

Two left side black and white profiles, one for each country, are provided with technical data.

The color plates chapter shows the left profile again. 5 concern the Italian vehicle in Bosnia, Kosovo and of course in Iraq for the operation Antica Babilonia. The 3 Spanish plates are less interesting as the details are so small that they are hardly seen. The last plate shows a vehicle camouflaged with mud as shown in some color pictures.

Interestingly enough, the 3rd cover page is an advertisement for the Model Victoria models of the long and short versions.

As a conclusion, this book is a must-have for all interested by this vehicle or those willing to build the kit. The only concern is the lack of picture of the running gear and especially its complex suspension. But no doubt, Internet will fill this gap.
Highly recommended.