Tamiya Fine Craft Saws
Ref : #74094

To their craft tools range, Tamiya just added this set of 5 photoetched saws only 0.1mm thick. Released in a transparent plastic bag, the saws are presented on a unique stainless steel photoetched fret which is typical of Tamiya. To avoid any damage to the blades, a piece of strong cardboard protects them. An instructions leaflet in three language

Four different types marked with a letter from A to D are issued. The D type is a pull-stroke one.
To use the saws, you just have to cut them from the fret then shape their handles by bending them taking care of keeping the scribed faces outward.

Then you just have to insert the handle into a modeling knife, preferably a small type one.

Within a few seconds, a standard diameter sprue section is cut with a neat cutting surface. However, given the thinness of the blade, don't apply to much force on it to avoid bending it. On the other hand, its softness will enable to cut hard access parts.

This set will prove useful to any modeler given the variety of blades it offers for a limited price (16 USD). The main drawback is the lack of protection for the blades once they are cut from the fret.


(c) Tamiya


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