VAB Interior

Eduard reference 35534

This set is designed for the kit Heller VAB (kit 81130) and completes a really sad interior. As usual with etched set, not all the parts are useful, some parts being to flat to look realistic. The two etched frames are completed with a plastic film for the instrument panel.

The rear compartment

It comprises the various racks for the ammo boxes, rations and AT 89mm rounds. Even if the 89mm LRAC (AT rocket launcher) has nearly disappeared from the French army arsenal, these racks remain in a majority of APC VAB.
The safety belts are present only in the upgraded VAB variants and do not match the Heller model. Nonetheless they perfectly suit the Blast Models conversion.
The reinforcing triangles #19 must be completed with plastic square section to fill the U shaped gap of the folded part.
The part 32 seems to directly come from Eduard imagination for none of the seen pictures shows it.
The part 24 (support of the NBC decontamination can) is correct but its base must be rounded and not flat as the instruction leaflet shows it.
The handles of the roof are corrected but remain incorrect even if they are thinner than the kit ones. Both 89mm AT rocket launcher supports are missing.
The window handles are released. However they are too flat and must be thickened with diluted putty.
The part 28 (support of the first aid kit) is incorrect. The lower part is in reality flat and has no rim unlike Eduard part.

The driver compartment

The remark about the safety belts is appropriate in this area as well.
The part 31 (driver seat protection) is useless.
The pedals replaced the ugly molded ones of the kit. The non-skid plates are correct. The front of the control panel of the waterjets is more realistic but the joystick still lacks l ike in the Heller kit. The engine switching off device is present as well as the front wheels direction indicator (in front of the wheel).
The NBC filter box gets more realistic latches. The 4 way gate handle should be let apart and redone with plastic rod.
The radio rack is correct unlike the radio set. Eduard has just redone in metal the wrong front face of the Heller part. The loudspeaker 53 is one of the former radio generation and should not be used with the kit set.
The wall #4 is essential and the part 12 it supports may be let apart although it is more and more often installed.
The dashboard is the one of the upgraded VAB with its centralized tire pressure control. Unless you use the Blast conversion, you will have to cut the lower part to match the Heller version.

To conclude, this kit is a very good set and is worth the investment to enhance a really dull Heller interior.