VAB Exterior

Eduard reference 35535

This set is designed for the Heller VAB kit (ref 81130) and improves its exterior.
As usual with etched brass, not all the parts are useful. Some parts are too flat to be realistic. This set comprises two frames.

The roof area

It presents all the engine grilles as well as those protecting the exhaust pipe. The hatches handles are finely represented.
The weapon station can replace Heller one. It comprises numerous parts of which the gunner back protection. It gets more fineness. Many parts are designed to improve the M2 HB MG (the cradle, the cooler, the aiming system, the rear block with the handles. All in all, it's better to replace the MG itself by another coming from the spare part box more than getting involved in such a esthetic surgery. The Eduard parts could have some interest for the replacing MG.

The sides

The jerrycan racks are present with their locking chains. The side bins also get their locking device.
The waterjets are improved thanks to a grille and new supports.
The shackles chains are issued. The tool rack is complete and correct. The doors can be detailed with very fine handles. The parts 57 are useless but for the upgraded VAB (conversion from Blast Models). The tail lights released by Eduard do not match the Heller kit as well, for the same reason.
On the left side, the supporting hooks for the towing cable are issued as well as the fire extinguisher support.
On the right side, the part 43 is not correct, it does not represent the NBC decontamination can support. The Eduard VAB interior set 35534 do have the correct part (#24).

The front

The protection grilles for the headlights are too flat, moreover they miss one rod. Hence, they could be set apart and replaced by brass rod.
The trim vane gets its hinges and its handles so as to be represented in floating configuration. In that case, the locking bars molded on the trim vane (#27) must be sanded and replaced by brass rod again and properly set on the VAB " nose ".
The ventilation grille for the transmission system is present in the set. Be aware that if you represent the VAB in the floating configuration, the lid aside the grille (which is molded on the kit) must cover it. Besides, the towing cable must be attached to a front towing hook and a roof lifting hook.

To conclude, this set adequately completes the Heller kit and greatly improves its roof thanks to the fineness of the grilles. Few parts remain unused and the set deserves the investment.