MK Models Iveco LMV
Reference #F3025
The box content

The kit comes in a sturdy cardboard box containing the 99 resin parts wrapped in 8 sealed plastic bags , two sheets of photoetched parts made by Eduard, one decal sheet, a piece of transparent plastic and 3 resin templates for the windows and a CD-ROM for instructions.
The cast is very good and there is no air bubble on the parts. A light cleaning work will be required on some pieces. The level of detail is very good too.

Basically, the kit builds into an Italian vehicle fitted with a winch and a brush guard. However, these are not systematically mounted. For other versions used by different countries (Great-Britain, Belgium ) some modifications will be necessary.

MK Models offers three options of weapons (MG3, PKM, M2HB). The decals enable to depict a vehicle from three different countries (Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia) in three separate operations (ISAF, EUFOR UNIFIL). The generic figures present on the sheet also allow to represent a particular vehicle. Both photoetched sheets feature 58 parts for the standard sheet and 73 for the color one. The color parts are used to detail the inside of the vehicle (dashboard, seat belts ...). Some parts are optional and used according to the armament or mission (mesh protection for the windows).

The CD-ROM contains the MK Models catalog and 45 photos. The first 6 are used to identify parts. The following shows the subassemblies under construction. The last 7 show the real vehicles with the markings on the decal sheet and allow us to spot the location of the decals.

Kit analysis

The two main parts of the kit are a upper hull in one part with all doors and hatches molded solid including the hood and a floor.

The upper hull has a good level of detail and is generally the right shape. The main mistake is the wrong shape of the front windows. MK Models missed the bevel at the front lower angle. This mistake is also present on the PE parts. As a consequence, the location of the side mirrors is wrong too.

The large storage compartment is molded solid with the cabin so it will be necessary to better mark the separation line to represent the gap clearly visible in the pictures. Moreover it is not level with the rear of the hull. The bottom of the hull requires a light cleaning to allow the fitting of the floor.

The hull also features a number of details engraved inside among which the details of the doors and the reinforcement bars. The details of the doors are simplified but this don't really matter as they will hardly be visible once the hull is assembled.
The dashboard is to be fixed to the upper hull. The resin parts are supplemented by very nice colored PE parts.

The front axle is fixed directly under the hull as no engine is provided.

The roof of the cabin is missing the antislip coating while the rear compartment has a nice one. The cupola is the wrong shape and dimensionally incorrect. A good documentation will be required to fix what is the second major mistake of this kit.

The floor serves as a support to the seats and the rear axle.
The five seats are detailed thanks to color PE seat belts. Various levers must be glued onto the floor.
The chassis and axles are partially assembled. Many parts, however, must be put in place some of which being very thin. Caution should be used when cutting these parts from the molding lugs to prevent breakage.


Despite the two major mistakes and the omission of small details MK Models issued a very nice model. The fact that the instructions are sometimes confusing makes this kit more recommended  for modelers quite familiar with resin kits.