AML 90 Azimut
Text and photos by Didier Lecru

Some twenty years ago, I purchased the Nimix kit of the AML90. This model had the advantage to exist (as I always say it). However, it is of poor quality. Many air bubbles are present all over the kit. Even worse, the front part is less wide than the rear. Very quickly, I regretted my “investment”.

Recently, I got the Azimut kit. And this is not the same game. It is a top level model. For your knowledge, I drove, loaded and fired with this vehicle over 6 years long.

It comes in a dark green cardboard box. The instructions consist of a A4 sheet with black and white handmade drawings. They are simple and clear. Thanks to the decals sheet, 5 variants can be made. The photoetched fret comprises the unditching plates, the headlight guards as well as the both rear mudflaps. I would have appreciated the Panhard brand plate which is welded on the engine deck.

The hull

Molded as a solid resin block, it is a very nice part missing no detail.

The turret

Also molded in one solid block, it is quite correct. The hatches can be opened. Look at the differences with the Nimix one (in white) on the pictures below.

The exterior details

Azimut provide as separate parts the rear wings, the side bins, a camouflage net or a tarpaulin and 5 wheels. Inside two of them, the steering “rods” are detailed. Azimut also give a fire extinguisher, an ax, a pickax with its handle, a shovel and the gas evacuation cover.

Several fine and delicate parts are also reproduced. You need 4 parts to make the gun muzzle. You get 4 DREB (smoke grenade launchers) of the early variant. The front shock absorbers are different from the rear ones. The searchlight is nicely carved as well as the driver hatch. The well-known foldable windscreen is issued in its protective cover. The cleaning rods and the stowing cylindrical boxes (for the cleaning and greasing brushes) are provided as well as 2 aerial bases. Unlike those of the Nimix kit which are molded solid, the headlights are well reproduced. The turret hatches are nicely done too. I may miss some parts but be sure all are present in the kit.


It is a brilliant model not recommended for the beginners but which, however, looks quite easy to build. I really have no regrets for buying it.