Tracks T-154 for M109A6
ref: Skunkmodels Workshop # 35002 T-154 Individual Track Link Set for M109A6

Skunkmodels Workshop is a manufacturer which is more known for its aircraft related products. This reference is the second one in its 1/35 scale ground range.

This set of individuals links is more dedicated to the Italeri/Tamiya models but also can be suitable for the AFV Club model. It comes in a papercard box containing two plastic bags with black plastic sprues. Each bag includes 5 sprues on which are 18 individual links, 36 end connectors and 1 length of 22 links. All in all, we get 180 individuals links which makes 90 per track. The legnths can be used for the section in contact with the ground and the one on the roadwheels. However they are less detailed in the connectors area.

The molding is good with a limited number of heat sinks. On my sample, one tooth guide and some axis were broken. The parts are attached to the sprues by two links which will require a good cleaning.

The M109A6 is fitted with the T-154 track type which is different from the type of the previous versions. The rubber pad design is different as is the metal eadge around it. On its inner face, the guide tooth has been moved to the forward edge which is appropriately represented by Skunkmodels.

Dimension wise, the width of the link fits the gap between the both rings of the Italeri sprocket. Contrariyl, the axis are too long and the connectors a bit too wide. Some sanding will certainly be needed around the sprocket to hide this flaw.

The true issue with this set is that the size of the holes in the connectors are too wide for the axis of the links. consequently, the fit is loose and it is impossible to build the tracks. For the pictures, I used some white glue to help the parts adhere. But this certainly won't be enough to handle the tracks during the painting and the weathering.

In conclusion, this set will replace to advantage the awful Italeri/Tamiya tracks and the AFV Club ones which are the wrong type. For 16 euros in France and 8 USD in HongKong, the price is reasonable.
However the connectors size issue is a big flaw which could lead some modelers to prefer the Riich Models offering which builds like the Bronco tracks at a similar price.