BMD / BTR-D tracks
Reference Sector35: #ST3521 BMD / BTR-D tracks

Sector 35 is a new Ukrainian manufacturer which are producing metal tracks sets.

This set which is dedicated to the BMD 1/2 family of vehicles comes in a re-sealable bag. It contains 200 metal track links and two lengths of metal wire for the axes.

The cast is of a high standard. There is few work required for cleaning the edges of the links or drilling out the holes of the axis. The detail of the link faces is accurate as is the shape of the connectors. However, the guide horns present a little flash to sand and are too long as it can be seen on the picture of the real ones that is borrowed from Dishmodel site.

The assembly is made exactly like with Friul tracks with one side only in which you can introduce the wire for the axis. The fit between the links is perfect but the thin wire is not that easy to put in place.

When we are done with the assembly of both tracks, we just need to fold them around the wheels and glue the last link. And there come the troubles. In fact, due to the excessive length of the guide horns, it is impossible to fit the track around the sprockets. It will be required to sand the links in this area. The first test fit has been done with an Alanger sprocket which means that the problem will also be faced with the Eastern Express kits which are identical. The second test has been conducted on a Zvezda sprocket and the result is not better at all.

The number of links will enable without any trouble to fit all the vehicles with a short chassis of the BMD family. Concerning the BTR-D, BTR-RD, BTR-ZD and 2S9 it should suffice too. On the Eastern Express BTR-D we need 202 plastic links but as seen on the picture below, the Sector 35 links are longer.


Sector 35 have released a nice set of tracks but it will require some work to fit on the currently available models of the BMD 1/2 and BTR-D family of vehicles.