FLW 200

Live Resin ref: LRE-35241 FLW 200 Eernbedienbare Waffenstation
with M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun on high turret with LAZ 400L optic system

This upgrade set for the FLW 200 remote weapon station whici is fitted to the Boxer, the Leopard 2A7 and the Dingo 2 replaces the RWS issued by Revell in their Boxer kit. Unlike what Live Resin states, it looks like the "high turret" FLW 200 is not mounted onto the Dingo 2.

In a small cardboard box, the 31 light grey resin parts come in a re-sealable bag. No instructions are provided in the box, you need to downlaod a couple of pdf files from Live Resin website. Those files show various CAD images of the different assembly steps.

The level of detail is excellent and really depicts the actual RWS. The cast is nearly perfect, there is some flash on some spots and there is nearly no mold line to clean. Some pouring lugs are ill placed as the one on the front of the sight block. Because of their fineness, some parts are extremely fragile.

The assembly is done following the order in the pdf files. However it is necessary to thoroughly study the pictures to spot the location of the parts. In some occasions, like for the ammo box holder, Live Resin could have added some positioning pins to help align the parts. The MG cradle elevation axes are too short so the fit is a bit loose. I had to glue a disc of plastic to get a tighter fit.
To get the M2 MG properly aligned horizontally, I had to sand away the rear retaining pin location.

The comparison pictures between Revell FLW 200 and Live Resin one clearly show the interest of this set which is quite cheap.