AMX 13 steel type
référence Friul : #ATL-126

This set depicts the early full metal track. It is designed for the Heller kit, the only one currently available. Unfortunately, the Heller kit depicts a late chassis model fitted with tracklinks with rubber pads also issued by Friul under the reference ATL-130.

While the box cover states there are 170 links inside, Friul provide two bags with 97 links plus four lengths of a rather stiff metal wire and a sheet with drawings of the roadwheels and return rollers with dimensions. No explanations are given about those drawings. It looks like the dimensions which are provided allow to modify the roadwheels and the rollers which are too thick for a good fit of the Friul links.

A AMX 13 track normally comprises 84 links. To get a full track without an excessive tension on the running gear, you need 86 links. So Friul provide enough links to represent the spare ones on the tank glacis. This set is also suitable for the 155 mm AM F3 howitzer which running gear is shorter than the tank one. However, it is not sure that it offers enough links for the extended chassis of the M56 APC.

The casting is correct with sharp details but it remains pouring bits on each link. You also need to drill out at least one of the axis holes on a great number of links.

The shape is right as well as the details. Friul managed to represent the cast numbers on the inner face.

After a quite tedious cleaning, the assembly is quick and the final rendition satisfactory. The issued metal wire being thinner than the holes diameter, you need to apply a drop of CA glue to secure the axis.

The fit over the sprockets and the idlers is good. However, it is necessary to sand down the roadwheels and the return rollers.


This set is a must have to depict a AMX 13 in the early stages of its operational life. However it requires some work to fit over the Heller running gear.