GTK Boxer Wheels
reference Djiti Productions : #35027


This set of resin wheels comes in the usual clear plastic box. It comprises 8 complete wheels and 8 hub covers.

For each side, Djiti Production have modified the locations of the markings on the tires of 3 out of the 4 wheels. The details and the cast are good. The wheels come with no sprue, you just need to clean up the remaining part of the cast lug. The engraving of the tread is not too shallow which is realistic for a vehicle which has been in use for a while. Moreover, the tires do not feature any sagging.

The hub covers come by pair and are attached to a sprue. Unfortunately on my sample, 4 covers were separated from the sprue thus creating a notch in the cover which must be filled. Those parts are slightly more detailed than the Revell ones.

The bolt heads on the hub are really well done. So if you use the covers, you'd better save them for your spare parts box.

The fit over the Revell axles is perfect even though you'll have to remove some resin from the insertion holes in a couple of wheels.


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