HMMWV MT/R Sagged Wheel Set
reference DEF Models #DW35002


DEF Model is a Korean manufacturer which issues a new range of resin replacement wheels. This set is intended for the latest Humvee kit, the M1151, that Academy newly released under the reference 13415.

Overall presentation

The set is issued in a clear plastic blister containing tow re-sealable bags. In the first one are the 5 tires of which 4 are sagged, in the second come the parts for the wheels. The whole set contains 19 resin parts and a sheet for the assembly instructions. 


The tires are superbly engraved with no casting marks. Just a very thin resin film inside the tire should be removed. The casting lug is located where the tire is in contact with the ground which helps removing it. The tires fix the main flaw of the Academy ones that is the lack of markings on the sidewalls. The commercial brands Wrangler, GoodYear and the tire type MT/R are present and readable.

The wheel rims come in two halves. The outer one is superb. As for the tires, the carving and the casting are excellent. DEF Models have reproduced better than Academy the long thread rods. The hub covers come as separate parts.
Weirdly, the inner face is presented in the instructions as optional. In its center, there is a film of resin to remove. The system to fix the wheels to the axles is identical to the one for the plastic wheels. So it is necessary to keep the polycaps issued with the kit.
The spare wheel has the specific fixing system to the bracket at the rear of the M1151. The holes for the bolts are present.

Concerning the dimensions, DEF Models wheels are a bit wider and larger. Thus there are closer to the real dimensions. However it is noticeable that the wheel rims are smaller than the Academy ones.


DEF Models released a high quality replacement wheels set which can be unconditionally recommended.