Track links for PT-76 or Shilka
reference Armo : #35551

Armo, a subsidiary of Jadar, has released a set of tracks for the PT-76 chassis based vehicles. They will be suitable for the various Trumpeter PT-76 kits  as well as the BTR-50PK of the same brand.  , contrarily to what the set title suggests those tracks won't suit the ZSU-23/4 Shilka.

Coming in a sturdy cardboard box, the tracks molded in a pale yellow resin are wrapped in a resealable bag. The engraving is correct but not really superior to that of the Trumpeter vinyl tracks. The guide teeth are solid whereas the outer face should be hollow shaped. The track link type is different from the one of the Trumpeter kit but is correct.

The set is composed of 42 lengths of 6 links plus 51 individual links which is more than the requested amount. The Trumpeter tracks are 96 links long. The pouring lugs on the lengths are located either on the left or on the right which will enable to orientate the cutting points toward the hull.
Very few cleaning will be required in particular with the individual links. The fit around the Trumpeter sprockets is good.

For the affordable price of 12 euros, this set of tracks enables a better rendition than the one offered by Trumpeter. In particular the number of links will help to represent the usual sagging present on the running gears of the Christie type.

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