Friul track set for AMX30
reference #ATL-115

Friul have finally released their track set for the AMX30 family of vehicles.


In the usual white thin cardboard box, we get 2 plastic bags containing 97 links each, 4 lengths of metal wire to make the link axis and the standard instruction sheet.

Unlike what is stated on the box cover, we get 194 links and not only 170. So you can build the both tracks and still have enough links to represent the four spare track links that are usually stowed on the tanks. On a new track, the number of links  is 83. It can go down to 81 after what the track must be changed.

As usual, Friul have issued perfectly molded links which will require just a small amount of clean-up work. However you still have to drill the holes to ease the fitting of the track pins.
The level of detail is remarkable. Friul reproduced all the visible details including the tiny molding lugs on the outer face.

The assembly is easy but time consuming. The result is worth the time spent to drill the axis holes and the comparison with the Heller vinyl tracks is without contesting in favor of the Friul set! Moreover, the fit over the Heller sprocket is perfect.


This long awaited track set rewards those who like the AMX30 family for their patience. It is highly recommended.
It will be interesting to see the plastic individual links track set that Heller should issue in late 2011 and then to make a comparison between both sets.
Now we just have to wait to get a set for the new tracks with end connectors to represent a vehicle in the 2000's time frame.


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