Azimut Leclerc RT5 conversion
Ref : #35189

Text and photos by Didier Lecru

This conversion is designed to backdate the Tamiya kit into a RT5 version as deployed in Kosovo. It mainly deals with the turret. It comes in a dark green cardboard box.

The turret :
1/It is a modified copy of the Tamiya turret which is molded without the side bins.
2/Really accurate interior parts for each side bins are provided. The covers will be those of the Tamiya kit.
3/According to my checking, the rear upper plate is a remold of the Heller original kit part. 
4/The new turret bustle is accurate. The ammunition reloading system and its hatch are provided.
5/The armored doors for the gunner sight are redone.

The plan :
It is simple and accurate. One page gives the assembly instructions, the other one the decoration instructions.

The decals :
The sheet is very nice and comprises the markings for three MBTs deployed within KFOR, namely : "TONNERRE", "GLORIEUX" and "VILLERS-BRETONNEUX".

Conclusion :
In my opinion, it is a high quality set. Even if I haven't built it so far, I consider it is an easy build.

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