Echelon UNIFIL Leclerc T6
reference : D356002

Echelon Fine Details has just re-issued the decals sheet dedicated to the Leclerc MBTs as deployed to South Lebanon within UNIFIL.

The set of decals comes in a re-sealable bag and comprises a color instruction sheet, a sheet of decals printed by Microscale Decals and a photo-etched sheet to represent the UNIFIL vehicle registration plates.

The set allows to choose between nine decorations with UN plates and three with French plates for the early deployment period. Each option also has the UN markings (three types of font each corresponding to a specific tank are provided) and French and UN flags for the antennas.
Generic French and UN markings are provided along with a set of PE plates.

In addition to the location instructions for the markings, Echelon gives indications about the color of some parts depending on the chosen registration and reminds the modeler that the additional fuel tanks were not fitted during operation Daman.