Modern US Army equipment set
Czech Masters Kits # F35107

The set comes in a clear plastic blister with a sheet depicting the items with a reference number for each as well as the quantity provided.

The set comprises of 7 back packs of different sizes with or without sleeping mat, 2 duffel bags, 2 "travel" bags, 4 Fritz helmets with their liner and fabric cover, 2 web gears with ammo pouches and water bottles, 2 BDU vests with gear, helmet and M16 lying on them, 2 "hanging" parkas and 2 body armor vests.

The cast is nice and the detail crisp. Very few flash remains and my set didn't have air bubbles to the surface of the parts. When removing the back packs square sprue, some bubbles were present but easy to fill. 2 out of the 4 helmets lacked resin on one side. This should be easy to fix too.

Unfortunately both M16's front sights and muzzles were not only broken but missing in the set. Some of the back packs straps are missing due to a lack of resin. This led me to rate this set 9 instead of 10.

The body armor vests, the web gears and the BDU vests are clearly designed to be used lying on the ground or on a vehicle floor or bench as they come with the hidden face totally flat. The web gear could be shaped though with the help of hot water to give it a more living look.

CMK gives Humbrol #26 Khaki color as a color reference but obviously some items need to be camouflaged either in woodland pattern or desert pattern.

This set benefits from good quality-price ratio and is highly recommended for any US army subjects dating from late 80's to ODS. Some parts of it still may be suitable for OIF.