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The BTR-60 armored personnel carrier was developed in the late 1950s as a replacement to the BTR-152. It was first seen in public in 1961. The BTR-60PB first appeared in 1965.

The most common variant has a one-man turret similar to the BRDM-2 one mounting a 14.5-mm KPVT MG and a coaxial 7.62-mm MG. The BTR-60PB has a searchlight and IR equipment, giving it a night fighting capability. The BTR-60PB is fully amphibious, propelled by a single water-jet mounted at the rear of the hull. It has a crew of three and can carry up to eight passengers.

The resin kit has been issued by MB Models in 1988. It comes with 32 resin parts and a On the mark models (OTMM) photoetched set (ref#TMP-3519). No decals are provided.
The level of details is quite good so as the casting despite some air bubbles on the bolt heads and the tires as shown by close-up pictures.
The A3 instructions sheet shows a 1/40 scale 4-view drawing showing the locations where to glue the various parts as well as written explanations and a list of parts inside. The photoetched parts set comes with more comprehensive instructions in the form of a small 5-page booklet.

This model has been built a long while ago and the pictures show many flaws of the building process. The intent of this article is only to present a long gone model.

The build is simple due to the limited amount of parts. The hull is a hollow shell without any floor. The lower hull is only represented by the front part. All the hatches are separate parts which eventually enable to use figures. The engine grille is very nicely represented by the PE parts. However the lack of floor doesn't help for a perfect rendition.

The running gear comprises different wheels according to their side. To avoid any mistake, MB marked each wheel with an index.

The numerous PE parts help getting very fine details such as the mufflers covers or the firing ports that can be shown open or closed.

To complete the model, the various handrails and footsteps are made with some brass wire according to the pattern provided by OTMM. Unfortunately on my model, some have disappeared with the time passing !

OTMM have released a PE set well detailed without any useless part. The shaping of the KPVT MG grille is a bit tricky and not recommended to beginners (like me when I built the model !). It is a pity that the turret front plate is undersized. The OTMM set was designed for the MB Models and AEF kits. I suppose AEF turret dimensions were different.

The decoration is overall green and the decals come from a Dragon sheet. As seen on the pictures, I didn't know the trick of the gloss varnish coating to avoid the silvering effect of decals over a mat surface.