Ref : Accurate Armour #K01/1

Accurate Armour kit mainly consists of a hollow hull, a running gear directly molded to the hull sides, a turret with the Sagger missile ramp, separate hatches, road wheels and tracks for the lower part coming in lengths. A 8-page instruction booklet gives the building explanations as well as a historical background and a vehicle and its variants description.

The cast is excellent. The details are fine except some parts (molded solid to the hull sides) like the sprockets, the idlers, the grilles above the tracks at the rear. The dark yellow resin is hard to work and doesn't smell good.

The build is easy as there are few parts. The running gear is enhanced by drilling out the idlers. The tracks lengths are glued, the end lengths being bent with a hair-dryer. This is the most tricky step as the fit is not perfect.

The hull gets the headlights and their protections and the towing hooks. The driver station is drilled to set later a figure. The hatch is set in the opened position.

The turret receives the gun and the Sagger missile ramp. The hatch is open too and the gunner station drilled to anbel the installation of a figure. The gun sight cover is set raised.

The BMP is painted in Tamiya Dark Green then gets a coat of gloss varnish to set the decals from Dragon. A new matt varnish coat is sprayed then the vehicle is weathered with dust.

Released in 1987, the kit is no longer available but still remains better than Dragon-Italeri offerings. Though, it is a pity that Accurate Armour chose to mold a part of the running gear solid with the hull sides.