Ref : Omega K #BM21

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The BM21 MLRS is the direct heir of the Stalin organs. It entered service in 1963 and has been used in many theaters of operations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Chechnya. It consists of a rocket launcher mounted on an Ural 4320 chassis. The launcher comprises 40 122mm tubes set in 4 rows of 10. Its range, from 13 to 20 km, depends of the ammunition being used (HE rocket, mine dispersing rocket, smoke or illuminating round).
It is electrically aimed. The firing of one salvo only takes 20 seconds.

The kit has been produced by Omega K and is now in the ICM catalog. The instructions come in a clear 12 page booklet. The kit comprises 8 sprues plus one for the clear parts and 9 vinyl tires. A decal sheet enables decorations for WarPac countries, Russia and Ukraine.

The building is done following the instruction order and generates no major problem at all. However, the complex chassis requires a little attention due to the high number of parts. The fitting is correct except for the windscreen which upper exterior corners lack about 1mm. The interior and the engine can be detailed with a good documentation.
The launcher tubes are too thick inside and need to be thinned before the final assembly. One can replace them by aluminum or copper ones to get a more realistic effect. The launcher is mobile in azimuth but remains fixed in elevation.

The decoration is the one proposed on the box sides. It changes from the monotonous usual Russian green scheme. The paints used are Humbrol 93 for the Sand and Humbrol 102 for the green stripes. After a wash, the kit is drybrushed with a mix of Humbrol 93 and white. The tubes are blackened at their ends as the exhaust under the truck belly.