9S737 Ranzhir
Ref : SP Designs #083

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The Ranzhir is an AD battery CP vehicle. It is based upon a MTLBu chassis and is unarmed.

The kit is issued by SP Designs. It is full resin kit that lacks a sharp carving. Some air bubbles must be filled as well as a huge lack of resin in one of the major rear parts.
As usual with this manufacturer, the instructions lack clarity and come as handmade drawings. This time, they really prove unsufficient and do not permit the positioning of the parts on the roof. After an E-mail, the brand owner sent a new sketch a little more exploitable. Pics of the real vehicle being rare, the lay-out of the parts on the roof remains to be checked and could generate a return to the workbench.

SP Designs, despite those little drawbacks, is still an interesting brand for the original topics it proposes as well as for the low prices it charges for them.