9P149 Shturm
Ref : SP Designs #062

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AT variant of the MTLB, the Shturm is equipped with the AT6 Spiral missile which also arms the Russian attack helicopters.

The kit is from SP Designs. It is easy to build. The detail is not bad but could be sharper. Some white metal parts are provided.
As usual with SP, the instructions are simplified and display handmade drawings sometimes lacking of accuracy and clarity. Several camouflage schemes are offered.
The molding is correct and few air bubbles are present which is not always the case with SP products. The biggest problem concerns the missile which surface is really uneven.
The fit is good. The running gear requires some attention to get the wheels properly aligned. The tracks have been replaced by Friul ones (set 2S1 Gvozdika). The nautical propulsion deflectors have been replaced by those provided in the Eduard MTLB set.