Super AMX 30

Model and pictures by D. Lecru

The Super AMX30 is a German project to upgrade the French AMX30B. The engine, the transmission, the running gear, the armament and the turret have been modified.
The new engine is the MTU MB833 associated to a ZF transmission. The cooling circuit is optimized for hot climates.
The suspension has been improved thanks to 10 additional shock absorbers. The running gear gets larger roadwheels (80cm), new sprockets and Diehl 234 tracks.
The new fire control system is associated to a new day/night sight, a laser rangefinder and a wind sensor. The gun aiming system is electric-powered.
On the turret, the commander cupola is modified to get the typically German MG ring. The 16 smoke-grenade dischargers are made by Wegmann. At the rear, a large NBC system is installed in a bin.

The model is made from the Heller kit and is based on an article published in 1987. The following modifications have been necessary :
The turret : a new commander cupola MG ring with a German MG is made.
The new sight is added while the optical rangefinder ports are removed as well as the rubber flap on the mantlet. The wind sensor and a data transmission aerial are fixed between and behind the two hatches. German smoke-grenade dischargers and the new NBC bin are added. The coax gun port is closed.

The hull and chassis : the running gear is modified with Challenger roadwheels and Leopard tracks, side skirts are added, the exhaust are modified. Horizontal plates to move on the chassis from the front to the back are added.

The tank is painted overall sand like during the trials made in Saudi Arabia.

Reference : Revue internationale de défense 5/1987