Leclerc RT5
Ref : Heller #81135
Conversion : Terres Modeles #Leclerc RT5
Tracks : Terres Modeles
Eduard #35213 currently replaced by #35720

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The Leclerc MBT has been in service with the French armor regiments for 10 years (1993).
The various versions are called "tranches". The R of RT5 means this version has been retrofitted.

The Terres Modèles conversion proposes to transform the Heller T5 kit into a RT5. Thus, it provides the front "beak", the newer style bustle rack, the hull add-on armor and a more accurate commander sight.
Despite an awful photocopy acting as an instruction leaflet, the building is easy and the fit of the conversion kit parts to the original kit ones is very good
Eduard photoetched kit designed for the Heller kit remains useful in many regards (grilles, rubber flaps of the skirts, gun mantlet enhancement...) and deserves the investment. Some close shots show it well.
The tracks are white metal separate links ones and are provided by Terres Modeles. They are not very finely molded, suffer from a lot of flash and are hard to assemble but the final aspect is by far superior to the kit vinyl tracks.