Reference : Heller#81129

Model and pictures by D. Lecru

The AUF1 is the standard self-propelled howitzer in the French army since1979. It carries 40 155mm rounds and can fire 6 rounds within 45 seconds up to 32 kilometers thanks to its autoloader. It has been regularly modernized concerning the motorization and the fire control system. The TA version, the latest currently in service, is fitted with the ATLAS system which makes it digitization compatible.

The Heller kit goes back to 1987 and presents many flaws. The main problem is the use by Heller of their AMX30 chassis without implementing the important modifications visible in particular to the front. The .50 AAMG has been omitted too but ot can be easily added.

The following modifications have been made :
Addition of the auxiliary power unit, detailing of the headlights, addition of the mudguards,  correct location of the plates on the front glacis, installation of wire-cutters and modification of the rear deck.

Modification of the smoke dischargers, detailing of the gun travel lock and the stowing bins, addition of the AAMG mount, detailing of the turret bustle basket, addition of wire-cutters, addition of the small hatch on the right turret side, detailing of the cleaning rods and their bracket and addition of various handles.

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