AMX 30 bitubes de 30mm
Ref : Heller #81123

Maquette et photos par D. Lecru

It appears that Saudi Arabia is the only country to have purchased this vehicle to provide close protection to the AMX30 SHAHINE. One vehicle is still present at Saumur Armor Museum (France). This one does not get the turret any longer. But the firing system and the barrels are in place. An APU similar to the one of the AMX 30 AUF1 is fitted to the front glacis right side. Moreover, spare barrels are stowed on the rear deck just below the turret bustle.

The kit is from Heller and got some modifications. The improvements concern the following parts : the radar, the turret bins, the turret itself, the moving platforms on the chassis on each side of the turret, the side skirts and the front slope.