AMX 30B2 Daguet
Ref : Heller #31137
Conversion : Azimut #AMX30B2

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This second generation MBT has been the basis for numerous variants. This version is the one of the 4th regiment of Dragons as committed in operation Daguet (Gulf war one) in 1991. It differs from the basic version by the new additional smoke-dischargers (Spider), an IR jamming emitter and side skirts. All these elements are provided in the Azimut conversion.
The Heller kit builds well and without difficulty. Azimut instructions must be carefully followed to modify the original parts like the rear deck or the TC cupola. With some plastic card, we need to make the front mud fenders as well as the horizontal hull extensions at the bottom of the turret. To do so, Azimut provides us with a template. The driver hatch is rounded and not flat, so a round bit of plastic card is glued there to correct this.
The Spider systems are tricky to set and require some patience to get good results.
Azimut also provides a superb photoetched grille for the engine deck and the protection grilles for the exhaust pipes that were missing in the early Heller boxes.