AMX 13 with quadruple .50MG mount
Ref : Heller #81140
Tamiya #35081

Kit and pictures by D. Lecru

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This vehicle designed to follow the armored and infantry units did not pass the prototype step. Instead, it was the AMX13 with a twin-barreled 30mm turret which finally entered service.

The kit is a conversion on a Heller base to which the Tamiya M-16 turret was adapted.

On the hull, the two front hatches were removed to build a pillbox and the turret well. The engine grilles and the NBC device have been altered as well as the engine access hatches, the mudguard and the various lights.

The turret has been lightly modified. A counterweight was added to the front of the turret. A platform has been added behind the engine. A new auxiliary engine and a generator have been made from scratch. The aiming system has been modified too.

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