AMX 13 tourelle Chaffee
ref: Heller #81122
Italeri #6431

Kit and pictures by D. Lecru

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Approximately 150 tanks have been built. Most of them were sent to Tunisia and maybe to Algeria. Many were sent back to France and transformed into driving-school tanks after the removal of the gun.

The kit is a combination of the Heller and Italeri kits with some Eduard photoetched parts addition.

The hull comes from the Heller kit. The various modifications have been made to the following parts :
The front and rear lights, the mudguard, the sprockets, the idler wheels, the shock absorbers at the first wheels, the sponsons bins l, the engine deck, the turret base ring.    

 The turret is the Italeri one. Few modifications have been made. A second antenna mount was added and the M2 .50 MG has been improved.

References : Chars Francais website