FV 101 Scorpion
Ref : Revell #03001

The Scorpion is a light armored vehicle dedicated to recce missions. It belongs to a large family comprising, amongst others, the Scimitar, the Spartan, the Samaritan and the Sabre, the latest evolution of the recce vehicle. It is armed with a 76mm gun and a 7.62mm coax MG. It has a crew of 3. In service with the British army and air force since the 70's, it is also found in Belgium.

The kit is issued by Revell and comprises a rather stiff photoetched parts sheet and a metal gun barrel as well. The soft vinyl tracks are finely molded and render satisfactorily.
The building is made without any difficulty thanks to a clear instruction sheet and a high quality molding. Few improvements have been implemented. The tarp covering the hull back stowage rack is done with tissue paper moistened with white glue, the straps are made of fishing thread, the wire roll is filled with nylon thread, the smoke dischargers supports are replaced by photoetch frame and lastly the mudguards replaced by lead foil to get them thinner and more realistically worn out.
Two "tuning" elements have been added : a stowage bin (plastic card and metal mesh made) at the front of the vehicle and an extra stowage for 7.62mm ammo box on the left side of the turret. In fact, real vehicles pics show that the crews often modify the vehicle that way.
The crew is an Accurate Armour production and is typical of the 70's-80's with their pullovers and berets.