Leopard 2A4
Ref : Italeri
On the Mark Models #AR3506

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The Leopard 2A4 has succeeded to the Leopard 1. Its production follows the failure of the MBT70 program from which it kept the mobility assets. It mounts the 120mm Rheinmetall smoothbore gun (which is fitted on the M1A1 Abrams) associated to a digital fire control system and a laser rangefinder. It has a crew of 4. It entered service in 1985 and from 2000 has begun being replaced by the A5 version. A total amount of 695 tanks have been produced.
It is also in service with the armies of the following countries : Spain, Netherlands, Sweden (under the denomination Strv121) and Switzerland (under the denomination Panzer 87).

The kit is released by Italeri and the build is really easy. The molding and the carving are excellent. The tracks are of the vinyl type and may be replaced by separate links ones.
The photoetched set from On the Mark Models comprises about 400 parts of which some are really tiny (bins hinges, skirts folding system...). The use of the PE parts requires some surgery mainly for the skirts, the bustle bin and the gunner sight. This comprehensive set does not suit beginners in this technique.
The crew comes from Hecker and Goros. It is finely molded in white metal. The faces looks are particularly realistic and the figures naturally find their places in their combat stations.
The decoration is the overall green of a Bundeswehr vehicle. Italeri provides the decals for the Swiss and Dutch versions but without the specific parts for them.

Unfortunately, this reference is no more available in the Italian manufacturer range.