TPz 1 Fuchs
Ref : Revell #03018

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The Transportpanzer 1 Fuchs is the 6 wheel equivalent to the French VAB. It is in service with a wide range of Bundeswehr units. Thus, it can be seen over many theaters of operation in addition to the Leopard 2 and Marder.

The kit is issued by Revell, the great specialist in modern German materiel. It comprises numerous parts due to the chassis complexity. The latter needs a little attention to avoid making any mistake while assembling it.
Revell proposes several vehicle versions (infantry, engineer, AT, ambulance) and you have to choose pretty early which one you intend to represent.
Eduard photoetched set is of top interest and the whole batch is used to get thinner parts than plastic injection enables. Amongst them, one can notice the very realistic tool straps, the steps, the waterjet supports and the shutters.

The decoration depicts a vehicle of the German armored brigade entering Kosovo in June 1999. The KFOR markings are done with stencils, the inverted V are made with Tamiya masking tape. The rear ID plates are printed as the decals in the box are too large as compared to their supports. The air-to-ground ID panel is a bit of tissue paper soaked with white glue.