Challenger 2
Ref : Trumpeter #308

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This MBT is in service with the British army battalions and has succeeded to the Challenger I shortly after the first Gulf war. Its hull is pretty close to that of its predecessor whereas the turret has been deeply modified internally as well as externally.

The version proposed by Trumpeter is the basic one without add-on armor as seen in Kosovo or Iraq. At its release this kit faced numerous criticisms some of which fully justified some not. It seems that Trumpeter has retooled its moulds and improved its kit in the presently available boxes.
The kit I built here presented serious troubles during the building of the turret stowage boxes. The possibility to let them moveable like on the real tank has been put aside to definitely glue them. This option still remains interesting in diorama building. It is noticeable that Trumpeter provides the two types of MG mounts for the loader.
The rest of the vehicle is easily built even if some parts need sanding to enable a perfect fitting.
The decoration recommended by Trumpeter shows another color than the black for the dark stripes which proves wrong. The decal sheet is impressive but unfortunately no indication is given to make one's choice.