M88 A1
Ref : AFV Club #3508

The M88A1 is a recovery vehicle based on the M48 series chassis. It has entered service with the US Army in 1975 replacing the ageing M88. The vehicle has a crew of 4. It features a front winch, a full width dozer blade, a A-type boom which maximum capacity is 25 tons.
It is armed with a .50 cal HMG which is served by the tank commander.

The kit is issued by AFV Club and comes with 3 plastic sprues, 1 photoetched parts sheet, a chain and nylon thread to represent the various cables. The 12-page instruction booklet is clear and proposes 4 decorations for South Korean Army, German Bundeswehr, US Army and USMC vehicles.

The detail is very crisp and the molding of high standard. The build is easy thanks to an excellent fitting. The only tricky stage is the way the cable has to be installed in the boom pulleys. The front blade and the boom are moveable, a good point as regards to the kit height when you have to move yourself.
The vinyl tracks are well detailed and the sagging is quite natural without any trick.

This kit is really interesting to build and is a masterpiece in a collection of armored vehicles even if it is not properly a combat vehicle.