Ref : Tamiya #35152

Evolution of the M3 Bradley, this is the US cavalry units basic vehicle. It has been upgraded with additional armor plates on the sides, the front and the turret. It mounts a 25mm automatic cannon, a co-axial 7.62mm MG and a TOW antitank missile launcher on the left side of the turret. Unlike the Infantry M2, it does not feature firing ports. The large roof hatch is fitted with 4 vision blocks that enable the scouts to look from under armor.

The model is made by Tamiya under the reference number 35152 and is of a M2A2. It uses numerous parts from the initial M2 model issued some years ago.
To model a M3, some modifications are necessary and are made with the use of the Verlinden book dedicated to the Bradley. The pictures of this variant are gathered at the end of the book.

We mainly have to fill the firing ports of the rear ramp and set the vision blocks on the roof hatch. Their positioning holes on the hull roof must be filled.
Some details are added to the front glacis : the look to keep the driver's hatch in the open position, the hooks for the flotation skirts poles.
On the turret, the gunner sight doors get their liaison arms, the canvas cover of the mantlet is added as well.

For the hyper detailing fans, a list of possible modifications is available on Pawel Krupowicz's site: Vodnik M2A2 review
Even if the model in the article is a M2A2, numerous details are common to both versions.