Ref : Academy #1345
Verlinden #621

The M1A1 is an evolution of the M1. It differs from it by the adoption of the Rheinmetall 120mm gun which is mounted on the Leopard 2. The armor has been reinforced, particularly on the turret front slope. A turret bustle rack has been installed. The external part of the NBC system is visible on the left side of the chassis below the turret.

The kit is issued by Academy. It presents numerous mistakes but was the first kit of this tank to be released. The gun is oversized and the turret too short. The rest of the kit seems strongly inspired by the Tamiya M1 kit. The good thing is a correct molding and an easy fitting.
The kit has been improved with the Verlinden detailing kit specially designed for this model. This kit provides the driver compartment, the turret interior and the engine batteries compartment. An APU and a mine-laying system are provided as well. It is a real pity that Verlinden doesn't provide the gun breech nor the turret inner walls. This latter flaw has been corrected in the Dragon M1A1.

Today, this kit can't be recommended any longer as its competitors (Dragon, Tamiya, Italeri) are by far more accurate.