Type 89
Ref : Trumpeter #325

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The type 89 IFV is the new infantry fighting vehicle in service with the Japanese ground self-defense forces. Its shape reminds the hispano-austrian Pizarro/Uhlan. Unlike the majority of the other modern IFV's, it still has numerous firing ports enabling the mounted section to fight aboard. On each side of the turret are mounted the ATGM launchers.

The kit is a joint venture between Pit Road and Trumpeter. It isn't an easy kit to build. The upper hull comes in three parts, the missile launchers are blindly built due to the lack of clarity of the instructions.
The carving level increases the kit interest. Trumpeter has well reproduced the Pit Road resin kit. The anti-skidding surfaces are present and correctly shaped even if the detailed-minded could improved their aspect by brushing/tapping on them with trichlo.
The vehicle is issued with a crew of four whose quality is mean particularly as far as the weapons are concerned.
For the camo tones, it is advised to go back to those recommended by Tamiya in their Type 90 as Trumpeter only gives GunzeMrModel references which are uneasy to find. Tamiya has recently issued the proper JGSDF colors which seem to be for Japan use only.