Type 83
Ref : Trumpeter #305

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The Type 83 152 is a self-propelled 152mm howitzer based on the same chassis as the Type 89 tank destroyer and the Type 83 MLRS. Its general architecture resembles the one of the Russian 2S3 152mm howitzer.

The kit is of top quality. The molding is good by modern standard, the ejection pins are few and rather well located. The turret interior is provided as well as the engine and a highly detailed transmission gear (which has not been built here unlike the type 89 one). The building is easy thanks to a fitting close to Tamiya standard. The chassis is identical to the one of the Type 89 and very few parts differ from both vehicles. The return rollers and the idler wheels are of different models, the location of the shock absorbers varies as well.
The gun is well represented, the breech being detailed as well as the pointing assembly. The elevating jack works but the gun elevation has been fixed to prevent any future pulling out. The TC cupola vision blocks are represented with clear plastic. To allow an opened hatch option, they have been replaced by carved plastic bits figuring the inner face. The MG is finely molded and is constituted of numerous parts.
The decoration sticks to the present Chinese armor scheme and Trumpeter provides a decal sheet to represent the vehicle during a parade. Normally, the white numbers and the red stars are rarely painted.