Ref : Academy #1385

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The KIFV (Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle), aka K200, is one of the numerous M113 derivatives. Fully designed in South Korea by Daewoo, it has been produced about 1000 copies presently in service with the Korean and Malaysian armies.
The hull is in aluminum with an additional layer of laminated steel. The gain in weight enables it to be amphibious. While in the water, it is propelled by its tracks.
Its armament is constituted by a .50cal MG in an armored cupola and 3 7.62mm MG, 1 at the commander station and 2 pintle-mounted on each side of the rear roof hatch.
The crew consists of a commander, a driver and a machine-gunner. The combat group in the rear is of 6.

The kit released by Academy is a high quality one. It is composed of 6 sprues for the hull and 2 for the separate link tracks. A decal sheet is also included, it allows one decoration for the ROK army and one for the Malaysian army in UN service.

The 8-page instruction booklet is very clear. The cast is a good level one and the pin ejection marks are nearly absent or well located unless on the track link rubber pads. The vehicle interior is provided and is full enough to have the various hatches opened.
The building is easy thanks to an excellent fitting. The longest step is the track links assembly.
The gunner provided in the kit is not used due to its poor carving.

The chosen camouflage is the ROK army one. It is inspired by the MERDC scheme formerly used in the 80's by the US army. The colors are as follows : Green XF62, Light Brown mix of XF64 and XF3, Black XF1 and Sand XF59 enlightened with White XF2. The dim aspect is the result of a too dark wash.