Ref : Corée Productions

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The K1A1 is an evolution of the South-Korean K1 or Type 88 MBT. It differs from its predecessor by a 120mm cannon identical to that fitting the Leopard 2, a commander integrated thermal viewer and new tracks similar to M1A1/2 ones.

The kit is produced by Corée Productions, a no longer existing brand. ( The kit presently available in Legend range is really close and seems to be a re-issuing of former moulds.) It is made of resin and includes an A4 sheet of photoetched parts. The instruction leaflet is an A4 sheet presenting numerous black and white pics of the built model a lot of which being too dark to be really useful. Fortunately, the box art is a picture of an unpainted built kit enabling a better understanding of the building. To the instructions is added a color folder showing several pics of the real tank. They prove very useful for the painting stage as no decoration scheme is proposed.
The building is not intended to beginners in reason of the instruction leaflet and the intensive use of photoetched parts. The fitting is generally good but generates some troubles in regard to the side skirts and the turret basket which wire structure is to be entirely shaped. Corée Productions provides a resin template to fold the copper rods. The alignment of the turret boxes needs patience too. The rest doesn't need any commentary. The resin tracks come in one piece; some individual links would have been useful around the sprockets and idler wheels.
The crew (3 bust figures) is provided as well as a beret wearing "instructor" figure. Those figures are finely engraved, it is just a pity that the faces are not of the Asian type.